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03:50pm 15/01/2009
  after all the drama, we got the keys to our new house. finally!
now we gotta spend way too much money on things we REALLY need. like a 47 inch tv (haha)

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I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It belongs to you. It belongs to you.   
04:53pm 05/11/2008
mood: curious
Barack Obama is the President-Elect of the United States of America.
This makes me hopeful. It makes me proud that there are Americans out there who see past the frenzied media buzz words and the stifling affect of control the upper-class white men had over this country.
I'm very hopeful. Regardless of the white-collared dismay I see left and right. Now you know it's not just your country. Its OURS. disagree if you want, "it's a free country".
I've never been very passionate about politics. And yes, even Barack Obama is still a POLITICIAN. But even just winning this election, (which yeah, he won, but can he deliver us?) has changed everything. We have a dark-skinned, EDUCATED gentleman to be our leader; I'm happy for him, and I'm happy for us.

Let us see.

(p.s. I feel like absolute doodoo. i've had this upper-respiratory infection [[baaad sore throat, meds make me loopy]] for the past week. i went to my mommy's work and they gave me drugs... still waiting for them to kick in... i feel bad, ive been out of work all wekk, i tried to go in today but they just sent me home, they were like WTH why didnt you just say you couldn't come in. I was like well, i already missed the last 2 days, and they were like WTH GO HOME i dont want you getting ME sick! that's why I love it there. at least they know im not just playing hookie.)


ROKK'D like a hurricaine   
06:18pm 14/09/2008
  ok so you know that big f*ing storm that came through texas? yeah we met.
we hunkered down @ my g-parent's house friday, electricity went out around 12, we stayed up getting drunk playing poker in the candle light till around 2 and then had a VERY hard time getting to sleep, it was so damned hot. woke up Sat morning around 6 sitting on the porch watching the 60-ish mph winds and rain beat the crap out of the trees in getting misted till being drenched till about 9. yeah, being wet is better than being stifled. after sandwiches for lunch, things had REALLY calmed down to creepy stillness, we took a tour around the neighborhood to see if anyone needed help getting anything out of their yards or whatever. overall, everyone in the neighborhood was pretty lucky, most of the trees and stuff mainly fell away from the houses and into the streets and yards. my g-pa and uncle chris took the saw around getting limbs and stuff.
later i heard a thing on the radio about a fire over on our side of town, so i had to go take a look and make sure our apartment was still intact. it was, no fire, no water, no electricity. (and its 2 on sunday and still neither)
but by the time we get back to katy, my parent's apt had water AND electricity, so we're staying here until we have confirmation that we can go home.
i think the bank is gonna have a conference call around 9 or something tonight to see if we're going to work tomorrow, but if our phone are down still, which im pretty sure they will be, i dunno how we're gonna know, and even so, i can't work without electricity or water at home.... i guess we'll see.
today we went to the grocery store to get food for dinner and lunches and stuff. we stood in line outside for about 30 min waiting to be let in, but after that it was smooth, not likes to checkout or anything. its sad we only went like a day and a half without electricity and we're like savoring the seconds!! LOL hot food, AC, guitar hero. if i feel like it, later ill try to put some pictures i took with my phone of the CARNAGE.
it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it was still pretty big. the Hooters on the sea wall is no more. :(
i just wanna go home :( :(

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going to Rio Grande City   
01:10pm 12/08/2008
  yeah so they called me to be on the Texas State Bank conversion team, and luck me, I get to be in Rio Grande City (RIIIIIGHT in the US/Mexico border) from the 14th (yeah. this thursday) till the 29th.
im excited but kinda apprehensive about the whole thing just because i'm gonna be there 2 weeks, practically by myself, while andrew is in Beaumont with his Business banker friends.

but they're getting me a corp card to spend up to $40 a day on food, plus theyre paying for my hotel stay AND my flight up there.
i hope it will be kinda fun too, kinda getting everyone working on our banks' systems.

i dunno, just wish me luck.


05:55pm 25/04/2008

the RED album. whatever it takes.


09:43am 24/03/2008
mood: aggravated
im going to court in a minute.... i dunno WHAT to do or expect but this is the one i'm fighting... if nothing else, at least i'm not at work ;-)

i hope it doesn't take TOO long, so i can come home and do some much-needed cleaning.... and maybe lunch w/ andrew.

this sucks.


hang it on a shelf in good health and good times   
09:01pm 02/02/2008
mood: calm
2 Sundays ago i got married. it was a great party. everything finally mostly came together, Andrew said "I Do" and didn't run away screaming, i got through my vows pretty okay, everyone i talked to liked the food, music was awesome, and of course i looked FABULOUS! :-p

and then we went to venice. our hotel room was nice, the food was great, Carnivale was just kicking off so people were in great masks and costumes, we took the "vaporetto" (water bus) around most of the island, saw some priceless pieces of art, got some souvenirs, and watched a lot of ridiculous late-night Italian tv along with catching up on the world economically going to shit through BBC and CNBC.

and now im home. married, and tired while he plays his new guitar hero. i kinda got a little homesick toward the end of the week. i'm a modern convenience baby... whatever.

back to work monday. boo.

i love him so much. i'm so glad it's him.

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its christmas time   
06:01pm 23/12/2007
mood: tired
so tuesday is christmas...

my mom had a partial hysterectomy 2 mondays ago. it was with a laser or something so she's healing VERY quickly. and because she's not in so much pain any more she's so much brighter. its hard to explain. im glad im getting my friend back.

christmas we had to go the cheap throw-together route this year because of the wedding. but thats okay, its mostly gonna be for Raven anyway.

i have my bridal pictures-tiking appointment Jan 8th. ill put where they're at if they get put up, until then if you wanna see me, my andrew, and my 2 chins, go to the wedding/engagement shots on www.chriswineingerphoto.com. we're the november 26th(?) shoot.

i have to sign up for defensive drivers this or next week or something for my ticket. hurray.... 6 hours of my live wasting away.

27 more days. then i'll be in a hole other country. just hold out leetah. you'll make it.

(((movies i have just seen and love:: sweeney todd, perfume: the story of a murderer))

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07:42pm 29/08/2007
  i think i have a sinus infection. ive been sick, stuffy, congested, and teary-eyed for 3 days straight now...

and i don't have insurance to go to the doctor.

i feel like shit. period.


09:34pm 27/08/2007
mood: sick
the chicken was taking too long to defrost (cuz we wanted to barbeque) and it was kinda rainy, so we ordered a pizza.

and there was a cockroach cooked into one of the slices.

they're gonna give us a "free pizza next time we order".



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06:50pm 10/08/2007
  i didn't get my check (IN THE MAIL mind you, they're so ghetto they can't even set up direct deposit for you). so now i'm freaking out cuz we now have no money for the weekend and a bunch of people wanna do stuff and we have no gas. it better be there tomorrow.

and i go dress shopping tomorrow... how the fuck am i supposed to do that with $10 in the bank?


i guess we'll just see how it turns out then   
09:13pm 20/07/2007
mood: exhausted
we just ate at Yao Restaurant and it was very good. yao ming has good taste in chinese food. ...get it?.....

we just signed our photographer's contract deal and are paying him on wednesday. big stuff.
now we need to set up when and where we are gonna do our engagement pics AND start working on gettinf our invitations together... jeebus.

tomorrow is bridesmaids dress shopping.

robin pushed back her drill weekend in conroe to sunday (leaving saturday night after we're done or whatever even though it was supposed to be both sat and sun) to go. and she also offered to pay for a night in a hotel the night of the wedding as our wedding present. amazing.

so after i get off work i pick up andrew's sister in sugarland and head on.

here we go!

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i just want to say   
09:17am 09/05/2007
  thank you.  

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i hate people... this is why   
09:48pm 20/04/2007


my new baby   
09:05pm 09/04/2007
  the new addition to the family:

everyone say hello to Turkish, our new ferret.

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i hate fridays   
10:36pm 05/04/2007
mood: tired
we got free tickets to see 300. it was pretty good i thought. intense. andrew really loved it.
and some people (clients) andrew knew from work bought us a seafood dinner at jimmy's (used to be denis') so really we had a fairly good dinner and a rape-us-in-the-ass-with-your-ticket-prices movie for about $8.00 (the amount for sodas and a bag of reese's pieces WTH!)

and i open tomorrow and its an hour past my bed time. and there's only 4 tellers working all day tomorrow and sat. and i'm on my monthly natural disaster.

but my honeymoon is booked bought and paid for.


so here's some bull shit   
03:49pm 25/03/2007
mood: aggravated
my phone was "suspended". the lady said she doesn't know why, and she's trying to get it back up... its been like it a couple days, but since i really dont use my phone that much except to message andrew i didnt really notice... said it'll be up in a couple hours. homo phone. i wanna change it anyways, but i have such an awesome deal. whatever.


taxes are FILED BEYAAA   
10:21pm 04/02/2007
mood: anxious
i filed my taxes, the colts won the superbowl, i'm flat broke till the 15th (NEXT THURSDAY OMG!) my apartment is an utter mess along with my job. and i can't think of anything really amazing to do for andrew for valentines cuz i wont have any money.
and i need to go to bed soon cuz i have to be there at 7:15. RAWR


there's a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one   
10:38pm 13/01/2007
  first non-refundable or transferable depost is paid in full. no turning back now!


our apartment is a mess and a half

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*le sigh*   
03:19pm 12/11/2006
mood: happy
last night we were completely ignored by civilization, and it was probably the best night i've had in a loooooooong time.

the cuteness commencesCollapse )

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